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Cushions Upholstery Burbank

Cushions Upholstery

Cushions Upholstery Burbank is an upholstery & reupholstery shop in Burbank, California. Opened in 1980, we are an entirely family-owned and operated upholstery & reupholstery business serving the residents and businesses in Burbank city primarily and is surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide customers with the best quality furniture, patio cushions, cushions, sofas, chairs, restaurant booths, hotel & lobby furniture, slipcovers, headboards, and reasonable upholstery prices. If you are looking for high-quality furniture, upholstery, and reupholstery services at an affordable price range, Cushions Upholstery Burbank is the right place!

Since 1980, the company has been serving a set of diversified customers throughout the period with pride and honor and still doing that. Both the residents and local businesses shop with us and take our services. We have been proudly serving hundreds of customers in Burbank and its nearby areas.

We are experts in both modern and antique furniture making and restoration, having a team of the skilled and experienced workforce to make your dream furniture a reality. Over the years, many commercial establishments, interior designers, production studios used our products and services and praised our business. We are serving our valued customers with custom products as per their requirements and what fits their spaces.

Our craftsmen’s workmanship and artistry will definitely satisfy you with the items you want and the design and appearance you love. The most crucial part of seating furniture is its cushion, and we devote our attention to make it as comfortable as possible for you. For standard upholstery items and reupholstery services, contact us at your convenience.

Our Services

At Cushions Upholstery Burbank, we commit to our valued customers to serve them with the best possible quality products in their budget. We also believe that everyone deserves quality items disregarding their affordability. We offer furniture for residential, commercial buildings, bars, clubs, restaurants, government and religious buildings, and so on. Our products range from simple chair-tables to coaches, sofas, ottomans, restaurant booths, armchairs, headboards, stools, outdoor seating, seating for common areas like waiting rooms, dining rooms, restaurants, offices, and so on.

Our reupholstery services include repairing, replacing materials, renovating, redesigning furniture items, and many more. A few changes in your upholstery will bring newness and the outlook you prefer to beautify your home or office space. Moreover, our standard service will increase the lifetime of your furniture for sure. We have a broad range of products in multiple designs and frames, and you can choose your dream items from there. If you don’t find what you are looking for, our designers and craftsmen will produce it based on your requirement.

If you want standard cushions or custom-made cushions and pillows, or cushion reupholstery—Cushions Upholstery Burbank will provide high-quality cushion re-upholstery. If you are looking for a reputed custom cushions manufacturer, or a class-leading furniture reupholstery to repair or restore your old and worn-out cushions—we are the place to be!

Why Choose Cushions Upholstery Burbank ?

Cushions Upholstery Burbank makes the city’s best cushions, whether it’s standard cushions or custom-made cushions. Our cushions in a combination of high-quality resilient foam and springs will provide the ultimate comfort and support for your body. We have our own inventory of high-quality fabrics and foams that excludes third parties and reduces our production cost, and so does your expenses on your upholstery. We have 30 years of experience manufacturing high-quality natural foam cushions, pillows, cushions, patio cushions, cushion seats, and everything in between.

All our items are affordable and high quality. We are responsible for every communication and meeting deadlines to let you have your furniture on time. In the case of reupholstery service, we have a large selection of fabrics and foam, from where you may find the exact one used in your existing cushions.

We provide outstanding customer service and are working hard to provide the best support to customers. If you have any questions about our cushions, get in touch with us by calling at our phone number is

+1 747 2349682, or write to us at Design@BurbankUpholstery.Com .

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